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Referral Program

  Cette page est également disponible en français has developed Referral Programs to reward both customers and businesses that bring new people to shop at

Client Referral Program
For any new client that is referred to Ink Pro Canada from an existing client, we will show our appreciation by offering the referring client the option to receive 500 Reward Points or a $10.00 cash voucher. The referring client can redeem either option when the new client makes his/her first purchase*. 
All we ask is that the referring client contact Ink Pro Canada with the name of the new client. The new client needs to enter your name in the “Referral Code" box when they are creating an account on our website (or if they are ordering by phone, simply have them mention your name to the sales consultant). When the new client places their first order, Ink Pro Canada will contact the referring client before dispatching the gift. 
There is no limit to how much you can earn! So spread the word - your friends will thank you for saving them money, and you'll save more too!
Business Referral Program
If you own or run a website then we will give you a massive 15-20% off** for all your ink & toner cartridge purchases when you recommend us.
Perfect for schools, universities, charities, businesses & individuals who use our products and are happy to give us a mention on their website.
All we ask is a single line on your website that looks something like this:
"We are happy to recommend for printer ink and laser toner cartridges."
You can copy and paste the above if you like, but we would much rather you describe our products and service in your own words. If you establish a link to our site that would be even better, but that is up to you. You can place this line anywhere on your homepage.
Because this helps us, we will help you by sending you a special 'customized for you' Discount Code. As long as you display the mention on your website, the discount code will be valid. When you have inserted your recommendation on your website, please contact us for your discount.
Terms and Conditions
Although we have attempted to anticipate all possible problems, since the Client/Business Referral Program is new for us, we reserve the right to make changes to or end the program at any time.
Feedback on Referral Program
If you feel our referral program can be improved, please feel free to e-mail us your thoughts regarding the program.
Become a Reseller:
If you are interesting in becoming a reseller of Ink Pro Canada, contact us at Provide your company name and phone number so we may contact you.
* Purchase must be at least one laser toner or ink over $25. 
** Depending on the popularity of your website.
Thanks for using and recommending us!

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