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Hp Inkjet CC640 (No. 60) Black Remanufactured

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5 ml


TO USE WITH PRINTER: DeskJet D1660 / DeskJet D2500 Series / DeskJet D2530 / Deskjet D2545 / DeskJet D2560 / Deskjet D2660 / Deskjet F4200 Series / DeskJet F4210 / DeskJet F4230 / DeskJet F4235 / DeskJet F4240 / DeskJet F4250 / DeskJet F4272 / DeskJet F4273 / DeskJet F4274 / DeskJet F4275 / DeskJet F4280 / DeskJet F4283 / DeskJet F4288 / DeskJet F4292 / DeskJet F4293 / DeskJet F4480 / PhotoSmart C4680 / PhotoSmart C4780

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  • Model: CC640-BK

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