Brother has unveiled the fastest printer in the world, spitting out pages at 100 per minute. Presented as a perfect middle ground between inkjet and laser printing, it’s primarily intended for corporate use.

Nobody has the slightest inkling what it’s called, how much it will cost, or when it will be released. But we did see it—and film it—at work. Yes, it really does exist.

It’s official, 100 pages per minute is now the fastest printing speed on the market. The technology is based on a single 21.5 cm-wide print head with no fewer than 5,198 nozzles.

The mysterious printer performs somewhat like a departmental printer. A multitude of trays can be added for different paper types in order to produce the quantities needed for massive printing jobs. It is capable of simultaneous double-sided printing and the print head is stationary.

Brother claims that it halves both printing costs and the machine’s carbon footprint. As we wait for further information, here’s the video we took at the presentation in Berlin.

Digital Versus


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