Toner Recycling (TRC), which operates cartridge collection services for Ricoh, Canon, Brother, Konica Minolta, and Sharp, has announced the implementation of waste toner into paint suitable for applications including buildings, fences and covering graffiti, reports Waste Management World.

The collection company aimed to find a commercially viable way of making use of the waste toner from cartridges collected, noting that despite the plastic and metal components of toner cartridges being easily recyclable, TRC generated enough waste toner to fill 1,000 litre bottles on a monthly basis.

Another New Zealand company, Enviropaints, discovered that the toner is polymer-based and therefore suitable for use in paints and, following a six-month trial, created what is believed to be the first re-created specialist outdoor commercial paint.

Wayne Grieve, General Manager, TRC, commented: “Finding a path for the waste toner was the missing piece of the jigsaw […] We don’t put ourselves up as a ‘zero to landfill’ recycler, but what goes in is less than half of one percent.

“It has been fantastic to work with Enviropaints, which has the technical expertise and vision to think outside the square and produce quality paints incorporating all kinds of materials which would otherwise go to landfill.”

Peter Reid, General Manager, Enviropaints, added: “This is an exciting innovation. It wasn’t an easy process to perfect, so it was a matter of coming up with the secret formula using our innovative technology to achieve the right results.

“We are able to use the various toner colours to their maximum advantage, and have achieved our goal of creating a new-life paint through innovation. This, of course, has definite cost savings on our raw materials, resulting in a sharper price to the end user without affecting the quality.”

Reid also remarked that Enviropaints is “well down the road” to implementing toner usage into other areas.

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